Inked Letters And Broken Hearts

This is a story of how a girl such as myself who fell in love with the art of storytelling. I vividly remember being blown away by all of the stories I could create around the age of nine. It was a love story that would later pave the way to a journey of self-discovery and recognition of strength. I was never really a talkative person growing up. I found comfort in being alone, yet yearned for the company of a friend at the same time. The irony, I know but that's what makes it so much more beautiful. Short stories and essays, were my absolute favorite. I can recall back to the time, to where I wrote my first poem. I found it to be so horrible. But, who would've thought that it would be the start to something so amazing and full of life years later, definitely not I.  

I continued writing because that was the only way I felt I could express myself. Going through the motions of life as a young kid into an adolescent was at the time a miserable place to be in. Let's just say that the ever so strange and blooming relationship with my father had quite a lot to do with the way I felt as I got older. Much of my work (poems) back then were very depressing something I make known of today.  in those moments I was able to find my voice. Despite, the fact that every time I wrote I was at my lowest point in life, I kept going anyway. That was about about seven years ago. Today, I have been given the awesome opportunity of sharing my story to uplift others especially women. I want them to recognize that their voice matters. That they too can overcome any and every obstacle that comes their way. This road hasn't been a glorious one, so to speak but that's okay. There is beauty in the depths of our pain, once we realize that our lives will have the ability to change for the better. 

All in all, I was able to realize my worth and know that I was made particularly for a purpose that is beyond myself. I know in my soul, that I am here to be a vessel of hope and light. Whether or not, people agree is none of my concern. I love creating projects that reassures our beautiful black community of the power that we hold. Doing so, makes me smile and my heart sing a few beats. There is nothing greater than knowing that you have touched the hearts of those who needed love the most. Words are way more powerful than we think, which has allowed me to continue my journey even in the midst of the hard times. Often times, when I am struggling I put the need of others before my own, in a good way of course. I make sure to give a helping hand, words of comfort and strength. I hope to inspire you, as much as you have inspired me. By you, I mean everyone . . I love witnessing the growth of others and knowing that although we have hit a few rocks we didn't let the bruises of our wounds get the best of who we are. Our resilience as a people, speaks volumes and in which I hope that more people recognize. 


- a woman who found her voice. "

storyteller - Destiny Thomas of herbeautyspeaks

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