UNDONE project

image credit: Antoine Bennet 

image credit: Antoine Bennet 

UNDONE is a bi-weekly web series of video interviews, hoping to prove that life is not just about “Being“, but also “Becoming“. Finding the courage to live its ideals.

The project aims to highlight the importance of the Self-Creation with the main idea that we are, and always will be, a never-ending work in progress. In UNDONE, Men and Women. Individuals with their uniqueness, are invited to share their own story and open up about their own process of personal elevation. It is an honest conversation about who they truly are and want to be.

Because we want the project to focus on the “the message“ rather than the speaker, the identity of the interviewee will be revealed at the end of the interview through a succession of zooming shots starting from the feet. 

-- Lili Lopez, creator of UNDONE

check out the first interview:

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