the whiteness of non-profit sector + art grants (tweets)

i went on a bit of a rant yesterday about the non-profit sector and the inequalities in art grants. in addition to the white savior complex drenched in many non-profits, there is also a lack of employees that represent the targeted community of these non-profits. you have a non-profit of majority white people targeting black youth or refugee youth. not only is it dangerous to think you have the solution for a community you do not even understand but these non-profits also tend to exploit and use communities as tokens. they flaunt them around to prove how down they are and exploit their struggles in the name of grants. i see this too often in baltimore.

furthermore, there's this lie that black people + nbpoc's aren't in the non-profit world. we are but we are not afforded the same opportunities as white people. when we are in the non-profit, we hit the glass ceiling. rather than empowering the targeted community, they are make themselves the source of power, forcing the community to become dependent on them. whenever you challenge the positions of white people in the non-profit sector they become defensive. how can you help black kids but don't have any black people on your payroll? or the only black + nbpoc on your payroll is your secretary? what i tend to see is black people + nbpoc being used as mules within non-profits. they are usually the brain of the org but will never be given the same position as the director or coordinator. 

this also extends to art grants where review boards are filled with whiteness and of course they're giving the money to more whiteness. you have white artists being paid to do work around black culture and white photographers being sent to africa to document. why? (i know why but i want you to answer why) it isn't just about talent. once again, i see this in baltimore. white artists in minority communities getting paid to do work when there are artists right in that community struggling to be recognized. 

i am quite tired.