Duo Composition + Art Enthusiasts 2ManySiblings

2ManySiblings are the Kenyan brother and sister creative duo, Velma Rossa and Papa Petit. I came across the duo through Instagram and instantly fell in love with their funky, vibrant, indie style that is modern but still reflects their Kenyan culture. Self-described as "a duo composition of brother & sister style + art enthusiasts" these siblings are a reflection of Nairobi's growing creative community. I reached out to Velma and Petit to learn more about their fashion, the creative scene in Kenya and why they decided to document their style through blogging. Here's what they had to say...

Bilphena: Why did you both decide to document your style and travels through 2manysiblings?

Velma Rossa: 2manysiblings is a passion project started mid 2013, that was birthed out of the need to simply document our love for clothes and how we lived in them in our everyday african environment. This done harmoniously with talented African photographers to show their aesthetics ...a collaborative process as you may have it.

Papa Petit: The blog is really morphing to something bigger than us and it's a wonderful feeling. We can only give gratitude !

Bilphena: What is the state of art and Fashion in Kenya + how is 2manysiblings contributing to it?

Papa Petit: Fashion in Nairobi is a collage of different styles and inspiration. In general fashion in Nairobi is growing rapidly. More young and energetic people are getting involved in the industry from bloggers, stylists, designers, and fashion editors.The corporate sector has also invested leading to an upsurge in fashion events and festivals.

Velma Ross: The art scene is vibrant and there are many platforms ( pop art exhibitions | more state if the art galleries ) that have been made available for artists to showcase their work which were pretty much non existent 10 years back.These platforms has encouraged more innovation and creativity not to mention easier accessibility to their works.

That said, 2manysiblings has contributed to the conversation of encouraging the outside world to see Kenya and the rest of Africa in an appreciative light by using positive imagery.

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