my skin care regimen [UPDATED]

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pictured above:

thayers rose petal witch hazel - whole food 

organic raw honey - trader joe's 

avocado oil - OK natural food store

i've been getting lots of compliments on my skin lately. lots of questions on what i use and so forth. while i'm no skin expert, i wanted to share the products i use and how i use them. i decided to take a more natural approach to my skin about a year ago and i've definitely seen an improvement. 

please keep in mind that what helps my skin may not help yours. finding the right products for your skin takes time. 

night routine:

if i'm wearing makeup,  i begin by using the oil cleansing method. i lather my face with either coconut oil or olive oil + castor oil mix.  i then soak a small towel in hot water and then wipe my face down. once all of my makeup is off, i use trader joe's organic raw honey. i wet my face first because the honey is pretty hard and solid. wetting your face makes it easier to spread. i leave the honey on for about 2-3 minute and then rinse off. after this, i lather on my black soap and rinse with cold water. i end my routine by using my witch hazel as a toner.  you can read about what witch hazel is + it's benefits here

morning routine:

i do not wash my face with any product in the morning. i simply wipe my face down with a cloth. it's important that i don't strip my face of it's natural oils and because my night routine is so extensive, there's really no need to do more in the morning. after wiping my face down, i massage avocado oil. i used to use coconut oil as a moisturizer but realized that it really didn't help my skin at all. after experimenting with several oils, i found avocado oil! it really works so well for me. i also use it as a primer before i put on my makeup. 


exfoliating your skin is so important but i must admit that i'm lazy when it comes to this. i try to exfoliate at least once a week. i use black soap (OK Natural food store) and a spinning brush

In addition, i've also added brown sugar + olive oil scrub to my exfoliating routine. i use organic brown sugar from trader joe's and mix with olive oil. make sure to use organic olive oil for this to be effective.  i apply the mix to my skin, making sure i'm gently scrubbing so that my face does not have redness from the brown sugar. i also apply this to my lips as well to exfoliate. once, i'm done i wash my face and apply my toner. 


i use bentonite clay + apple cider vinegar for my mask. i purchase the clay from MOM's organic market and the apple cider vinegar from Trader Joe's. It's really important that you are using organic raw + unfiltered apple cider for this. you simply mix the two together and apply it to your face. you then let it dry, i usually wait 15-20 minutes maybe longer if i'm doing something while it's on my face. you can literally feel this mix pulsating and working it's magic! i try to do this either once a week or bi-weekly. 


in closing, while products can help, make sure you're drinking lots of water and eating right. your diet does impact your skin. also make sure you're changing your pillowcase consistently. oils and dirt from your pillowcase can irritate your skin leading to breakouts. 

hope all of this helps, loves.