Meet Anbuley

Anbuley is the daughter of African/Ghanaian parents. She is the younger of two daughters who were both born during their parents stay in Vienna, Austria after Anbuley’s father received a scholarship from the Ghanaian government to study in Vienna. Her father, son of the then chief of Fumbisi (Western Upper Volta, GH) was a massive traditional African and Jazz music fan and also a vinyl collector. Her mother, who was an African dancer, influenced  little Anbuley who was born with a great sense for rhythm. Not knowing her original country, Anbuley enjoyed the African songs her parents sang to her and the African music (mainly Ghanaian cultural music) gave her the roots she needed growing up in a pure white society. Music became her refuge of home. At the age of 4, Anbuley and her Family left Vienna after her Father finished his studies there and went back to their country of heritage. There Anbuley participated in the school choir and different cultural events. After spending 5 years in Ghana, her Father lost his job and because her mother had a good job offer in Vienna, the family went back to Vienna. Years later Anbuley started connecting with producers around the world that she met online and created feature tracks with them.

Anbuley generally defines her music as afro-futuristic/afro-fusion, it is a mixture of the worlds she grew up in and fuses both worlds into one. She writes her lyric’s in English and then translates them into GA (one of the languages spoken in Ghana) with the help of her mom.

Listen to Anbuley's Afroklectic sounds and watch her bring those sounds to life in her videos below! 

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