hello 23, hello self-care

i recently turned 23. before my birthday, everyone kept asking "so wadaya gonna do?" i answered "eat and take friendship naps." i wasn't kidding either. to bring in my birthday i had dinner with 3 close friends, came home stuffed and was asleep by 11pm. on the day of my birthday, i enjoyed brunch at miss shirley's, came home and you know what i did? you guessed it, i slept. that evening, i had dinner and again, i came home and ding ding, i slept. but outside of sleeping, i spent a lot of my birthday in peace. reflecting on my journey, my path and planning for the next year. it was a self-care filled birthday and i truly enjoyed it. i took my time with myself. as much as i appreciated all of the messages + emails wishing me a happy birthday, i chose to slip my phone in my purse and just enjoy every moment. i chose to not tweet about what i was doing or feel the need to take pictures to prove i was having a great birthday. i showered and sang every song on "Lemonade" at the top of my lungs (i was extra loud on "don't hurt yourself.) 

i addition, i didn't reflect so much on my age but on my path. birthdays can be stressful for many.  we start thinking about others our age and where they are. they're married, you're not. they have that degree, you don't. they own a house, you don't. they're traveling around the world, you're not. all of these thoughts are so violent and keep you doubting yourself. this year, i said no to it all. i was very intentional in doing so. that's the thing about self-care you know? you have to be intentional. when i found myself slipping into those negative thoughts, i was quickly pulled out with a message from a friend saying "wow, you're 23 and already doing so much?" i smiled, put sara tavares on and took myself a nap. 

so maybe next year i will doing something more exciting? who knows. but this year, i did what my body needed. what my heart needed.