Francine Thirteen

 image credit: republicofaustin

image credit: republicofaustin

Meet Francine Thirteen. Based in Texas, her work is focused on the magic of nature, archetypes and cellular memory. All of these combine to create a sound she refers to as "Ritual Pop."

Francine recently caught my attention with the track "Lady Mary, The Fire/ Par Una" which will appear on her forthcoming EP, 4 Marys and the King. She describes this EP as a "dystopian album inspired by singer, Nina Simone and author, Octavia Butler." 

Francine's sound is as eclectic and unconventional as she is. When I asked "do you have a bio you would like me to use for your feature?" She sent me this:

"Francine Thirteen is an extraterrestrial star seed from Venus. She landed in Dallas, TX to start her journey on Earth. She loves plants, animals and children. She loves singing in hyper-femine tones over rhythms that growl and menace. Thirteen has the exact same grin as her grandmother, minus the elegantly placed gold tooth."

Check out Francine's sounds below!