brown sugar + agave nectar + coconut oil scrub

winter time is here and that means your lips are probably struggling to stay moisturize. while using lip balm helps sometimes its not enough. gently exfoliating your lips at least once a month can help with cracks and dry lips. 

this brown sugar  + agave nectar + coconut oil scrub is super simple and works for your face, lips, hands, feet and honestly your entire body. if you do not have agave nectar on hand, organic raw honey will do just fine as a replacement. i'm sure there are tons of exfoliating products out there but my wallet is not set up like that so i always try to use what i have at home. 

how much you make will depend on what you're trying to exfoliate. i usually only use this for my lips and face. you simply mix brown sugar with just enough agave nectar or honey + oil to make it sticky. then apply this to whatever part of your body you've chosen. if you are applying to your lips or face be very gentle. let the scrub stay on for a few minutes then wipe off with warm water. if I'm using this on my face, once i wipe off with warm water i usually rinse with cold water then apply my witch hazel. 


organic brown sugar - trader joe's 

organic coconut oil - trader joe's 

agave nectar - whole foods 


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