Breya Monaye

Breya Monaye is a womanist, poetess + magazine writer, dedicated to expressions through fashion. This started when she was in the 8th grade, and would do everything imaginable to create the school uniform of her dreams. Now at 19, her go to style would be where Fran Fine & Grace Jones meet. Her everyday go to look is usually leather pants and spikes loafers, but when it's an event time, it's the bolder the better. Her strong social and political views are also expressed throughout her fashion choices which is probably why she refuses to wear a bra. Whenever she wears bright colors it to show the world there's nothing dark girls can't pull off. In addition to fashion, Breya is a health and wellness peer educator, dedicated to mental illness and emotional wellbeing advocacy, primarily for black/African women. 

I asked Breya a few questions about her style. Read what she said below. 

How do you decided what to wear in the morning? Are you spontaneous or are you a planner?

Breya: For my morning, i'm 100% spontaneous, that's where all the fun is. For events, I plan. Usually, it's by what part of my body I want to bring out, what look i'm going for and most importantly, how I want to feel. 

Where do you draw inspo for your outfits? 

My favorite style inspirations are Kendall Jenner, Mary Kate & Ashley, Nicole Richie, Leandra Medine and so many more. As far as bloggers, It would be @thegreylayers and @prettysickly. 

Describe your style using one word

Breya: Minimalistic 

What's currently your favorite piece in your closet?

Breya: My favorite piece is my Zara fur scarf. It's bold and adds fun to my boring outfits. 

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