bilphena. where you been?

i know, i know, it's been so long since i've updated this website. i've gone through so many changes and so much goodness is happening in my life. so let's see: i facilitated a womanist workshop (for black girls considering womanism because feminism is not enuf) with nnenna which was featured in afropunk. this workshop was something i've wanted to do for so long but wasnt sure how. i'm so grateful still to nnenna for coming in and doing this with me. i started a new job doing restorative practices / justice work and despite how exhausting it can be, i absolutely love what i do. i have a job where i can be bold about my personal politics and  where i can be blackity black without worrying about consequences. that job took me to new orleans to work with jackie sumell (this woman is magic) of solitary gardens. jackie is an instructor at dillard university and myself + my co-worker barb (of millennial mocha moms) took over her classes and taught restorative practices. and through jackie, i was able to attend colin kaepernick"s "know your rights" camp and thanks to colin, i was able to meet + hug chamillionaire (i'm still not over this yet). you see that domino effect of goodness? let's not forget i was featured in the baltimore sun, i gave a keynote, i gained weight and most importantly, i fell in love with myself again. i am in such an amazing place in my life both personally and professional and i'm truly grateful. 

how did i get here? this journey has been a hard and painful one. my 2016 + most of 2017 was an emotional mess. i was unsure of myself, of my path and i struggled to see my own light. i was exhausted from always being everyone's emotional dumpster and placing the needs of others before my own. and somewhere in that mess, i decided this wasn't going to work any longer. i sat down and really re-mapped my life. i wanted more, i deserved more. this is work everyday. but it's work I'm committed to doing. so here i am. happy, confident, loved and flourishing. i have a new fire in me and even when i find myself slipping into old negative behaviors, that fire reminds me of how far i've come. 

so to - I'm sure you've noticed that the website went through some changes. as much as i enjoyed interviewing folks and the other tabs i had, i just do not have the time. rather than having sections on here that i know i won't be able to update, i've simplified things. everything will be included in my blog section and of course my reading list is still here. i've updated it with more reads including the womanist packet we created for the workshop.  thank you all for rockin' with me for the past 3 years! 

i'm excited to see where life takes me next. i am letting life do life but still assisting the universe on my behalf.