Agnes Essonti - the merging of two backgrounds

               Portrait by Berthe Essonti 

               Portrait by Berthe Essonti 

"I believe language itself is a form of art but what really amazes me is the link created between an art piece and what is trying to be communicated. From the vibrant colors and fluent lines in Kandinksy's paintings to Jospeh Chila's strong compositions and candid gazes. If language is contemplated as a way of communicating ideas, it also establishes a close relation with different cultures." -- Agnes Essonti 

Agnes Essonti, is an artist born and based in Barcelona. She grew up in a multi-cultural background in Spain, where she discovered her interest in photography at the age of twelve. She studied an Art baccalaureate in Escola Massana as she knew it was a nice starting point for her artistic career. After that, she moved to London to pursue a National Diploma in Photography. 

Agnes shares a little about herself: 

I studied art and design for two years and after that I graduated with a degree in photography. My journey includes many different media. Ii'm always looking for different ways to explain myself and build my own ideas. I am influenced by artists from the second half of the 20th century and their cultural context as well as my own background. I am half spanish and half Cameroonian. Although I've spent my whole life in Europe, I've always looked for an Afrocentric education so that I can tell different parts of my story. My current work mainly talks about me: a woman, a black woman and a woman with ideas. I love using self-portraiture because I contemplate myself as a tool to discover the world. I am currently working on a new project called Nka Kunde, an exclusive journal that creates a dialogue between my own experiences, backgrounds and contemporary affairs through words + visuals.