Afro-Cubans | George Ekwensi

The city of Havana is a canvas with people of many shades. But in the United States, we do not see the whole picture.

Following the Cuban revolution, a transnational white flight phenomenon occurred resulting in the emigration Cuban whites to Miami and other parts of the United States. Here, these families were able to build the necessary capital to send remittances to their relatives abroad. Afro-Cubans developed no such network for financial gain.

In Havana, however, the Afro-Cuban presence is very much alive, culturally, spiritual and in many other respects, ‘Afro-Cubanness’ permeates Cuban society. 

Now, unable to tap into the foreign wealth & the higher paying jobs from the tourism industry—booming due to softening relations between the States and Cuba—Afro-Cubans are experiencing yet another form of economic disparity.

These pictures are to demonstrate the resilience of the Afro-Cuban spirit.  

Read more about racial inequality on the island here: 


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About the photographer

George Ekwensi is a first generation Nigerian American living in Brooklyn, New York. He is a student of urban planning and sustainable environmental systems with a keen interest on the unique identities formed by diasporic communities.

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