the year of return: muse 360 x ghana

toni cade bambara said “the job of the writer is to make the revolution irresistible.” i have found that this is not just limited to us (writers) but to everyone doing liberation work in every field. this charge is even more important when it comes to black children and youth. even our babies must see the revolution as irresistible. and not just a literal revolution but a revolution of their minds. how they see and choose to exist in their black skin. how they see their history. how they see and love themselves and other black people.

i have decided that for me, it is more fruitful and sustainable to focus on building up the political education and values of black children towards an abolitionist future than to reverse the already conditioned minds of adults. it’s like restorative practices - 90% of our work should be proactive and 10% reactive.

this work took on a whole new meaning when my friend sharayna invited me to join muse 360 arts (new generation scholars) in ghana. ran by sharayna (she a boss) - new generation scholars provides art education for baltimore youths using an afrocentric lens. sharayna places an emphasis on her scholars learning about the african diaspora. i started working with these babies in february to provide them political education and i have fallen in love with them. they are so cool to me - so creative and so brilliant to me. taking this trip to ghana during the year of return was something special. seeing black children experience the continent with an intentionality on them learning their history is something i am still finding words to describe. it provided me confirmation and made me think of something my aunty / sister / mentor always says “you can’t teach children you don’t love.” this trip was sankofa.

there are moments of this trip that i want just for me and there are some i’ve chosen to share. you can see those images below. you can also stay up to date with muse 360 arts | instagram:@muse360arts | website: